(December 8th 2004)




Mark McRynalds and Chip McBasculant out the Chapel



BraveCiccio taking pictures...



...of the pipe-organ on the west side



The grave of William De St.Clair's, Knight Templar



Encoded ceiling, Templar Cross on the east side and the Lady Chapel 



BraveCiccio, McBasculant and McRynalds in front of the Apprentice Pillar



Lucifer hanging upside down



BraveCiccio and McBasculant in the subterranean vault



A carving of the "King of Terrors"



Mad Lucifer and a couple giving their back at Him 



McBasculant in the subterranean vault: Christian Crucifix on an altar marked with a Templar Cross



BraveCiccio, McBasculant and McRynalds outside the main fašade, adorned with the Templar Cross



The guys outside the south wall of the Chapel



McRynalds and BraveCiccio outside the west wall